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Bob Dylan : The Spirit Of Radio (3cd) 1961-1965

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Bob Dylan : The Spirit Of Radio (3cd) CD

CD 1 Folksingers Choice March 11th 1962
1-1 (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
1-2 Fixin To Die
1-3 Smokestack Lightning
1-4 Hard Travelin
1-5 The Death Of Emmett Till
1-5 Standing On The Highway
1-7 Roll On, John
1-8 Stealin, Stealin
1-9 Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
1-10 Baby Please Dont Go
1-11 Hard Times In New York Town
CD 2 Studs Terkel's Wax Museum April 26th 1963
2-1 Farewell
2-2 Conversation
2-3 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
2-4 Conversation
2-5 Bob Dylan's Dream
2-6 Conversation
2-7 Boots Of Spanish Leather
2-8 Conversation
2-9 John Brown
2-10 Conversation
2-11 Who Killed Davey Moore
2-12 Conversation
2-13 Blowin' In The Wind
CD 3 Bob Dylan Life And Life Only Radio & TV 1961-1965
Riverside Church - 12 Hour Hootenanny Special:July, 1961
3-1 Introduction
3-2 Handsome Molly
3-3 Omie Wise
3-4 Po' Lazarus
3-5 Mean Old Southern Railroad
3-6 Acne
Oscar Brand's Folk Song Festival:October 29, 1961
3-7 Sally Gal
3-8 Girl I Left Behind
Oscar Brand Show:Spring, 1963
3-9 Oscar Brand Intro
3-10 Girl Of The North Country
3-11 Only A Hobo
Steve Allen Show:February 25, 1964
3-12 Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Les Crane Show:February 17, 1965
3-13 Les Crane Introduction
3-14 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
3-15 Les Crane Interview
Interviewer – Les Crane
3-16 It's Alright Ma
Bob Dylan : The Spirit Of Radio (3cd) 1961-1965

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BOX TRIPLO, BOOTLEG, IMPORTADO, FRETE FREE Bob Dylan and his razor-sharp manger Albert Grossman knew a good angle when they came across one so were not slow to get the young Bob as much exposure as possible on America radio. First up was an appearance on Cynthia Goodings Folksingers Choice show, coming out of NYC in March 1962, a performance which informed the greater NY community what those in the East Village had been witnessing for a year already. A year hence in April 1963, at the conclusion of the recording sessions for Dylans sophomore record Freewheelin, Bob and Albert ventured 700 miles west to appear and perform on the infamous Studs Terkel radio show. A veteran of interview radio, Studs extracted from Bob quite probably the most interesting revelations during the early days. All complimented by Dylans acoustic ramblings the show catapulted the young minstrel into a new stratosphere of celebrity. In between these major broadcasts Dylan did appear on the radio and indeed the TV in a number of guises and circumstances, and these performances are collected on the third disc in this set. In 1961 a Folk Hootenanny took place at the Riverside Church in New York alongside Ramblin Jack Elliot, Danny Kalb and others. Also included on this compendium are performances on two separate shows with Oscar Brandt. His Folk Song Festival had run annually since 1945 and Dylan was invited to play this prestigious event in October 1961. Bob was also invited to play on Oscars radio show World Of Song in 1963, when he performed two songs live. In 1964 Bob Dylan made his TV debuts when he performed on the Steve Allen show in February 1964 and the Les Crane show in February of 1965, which rounds up nicely this three disc set of broadcasts from the time when Bob Dylan was finding his feet as a performer and a songwriter and which, by the end of this media apprenticeship, was among the most celebrated contemporary music artist in the world.

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