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Cypress Hill Cypress Hill/Black Sunday/Temples of Boom (3CDs) (2001)

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Cypress Hill Cypress Hill/Black Sunday/Temples of Boom (3CDs) (2001)

Cypress Hill

Pigs 2:50
How I Could Just Kill A Man 4:08
Hand On The Pump 4:03
Hole In The Head 3:33
Ultraviolet Dreams 0:41
Light Another 3:17
The Phuncky Feel One 3:28
Break It Up 1:07
Real Estate 3:45
Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk 2:46
Psycobetabuckdown 2:59
Something For The Blunted 1:15
Latin Lingo 3:58
The Funky Cypress Hill Shit 4:01
Tres Equis 1:54
Born To Get Busy 3:00

Black Sunday

I Wanna Get High 2:54
I Ain't Goin' Out Like That 4:27
Insane In The Brain 3:29
When The Sh-- Goes Down 3:08
Lick A Shot 3:23
Cock The Hammer 4:25
Lock Down 1:16
3 Lil' Putos 3:40
Legalize It 0:46
Hits From The Bong 2:40
What Go Around Come Around, Kid 3:42
A To The K 3:27
Hand On The Glock 3:32
Break 'Em Off Some 2:44

Temples Of Boom

Spark Another Owl 3:40
Throw Your Set In The Air 4:08
Stoned Raiders 2:54
Illusions 4:28
Killa Hill Niggas 4:04
Boom Biddy Bye Bye 4:04
No Rest For The Wicked 5:01
Make A Move 4:33
Killafornia 2:56
Funk Freakers 3:16
Locotes 3:39
Red Light Visions 1:46
Strictly Hip Hop 4:33
Let It Rain 3:45
Everybody Must Get Stoned 4:03
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill/Black Sunday/Temples of Boom (3CDs) (2001)


Box com os 3 primeiros discos do grupo. Importado, frete free.

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