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Everything Is Nice, 10th Anniversary Anthology, 3CDS

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Everything Is Nice, 10th Anniversary Anthology

Greatest Hits Part 1
–Pavement Stereo 3:08
–Cornelius Count Five Or Six 3:04
–The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Talk About The Blues 3:58
–Cat Power Cross Bones Style 4:31
–Chavez Flight '96 5:31
–Nightmares On Wax Fire In The Middle 4:15
–Non Phixion Refuse To Lose 4:49
–Jega Pitbull 5:10
–Unwound NO TECH! 1:43
–Helium (3) Cosmic Rays 3:55
–The Lynnfield Pioneers Maximum Sunshine 2:52
–Guitar Wolf Fujiyama Attack 2:36
–Modest Mouse Heart Cooks Brain 4:03
–Bardo Pond Flux 9:08
Greatest Hits Part 2
–Mogwai Christmas Steps 10:36
–Yo La Tengo Sugarcube 3:19
–Guided By Voices The Official Ironmen Rally Song 2:50
–Sleater-Kinney Banned From The End Of The World 2:09
–Solex One Louder Solex 3:28
–Matmos The Banjo's Categorical Gut 6:07
–Arab Strap Here We Go 5:05
–Khan Booker To Hooker 5:24
–Red Snapper Image Of You 6:13
–Arsonists* Blaze 2:49
–Boards Of Canada Roygbiv 2:29
–Burger / Ink Do The Strand 8:19
–Pole Tanzen 5:52
–Void (8) X-Factor 6:05
Unreleased Tracks
–The Lynnfield Pioneers Windblown 3:37
–The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Naked 1:31
–Non Phixion Sleepwalkers 3:42
–Arsonists* Universal Skills 3:41
–Pizzicato Five One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Barbie Dolls 5:18
–Solex Oh Cripes! 2:31
–Khan Body Dump (Super-8 Mix) 5:09
–The Wisdom Of Harry* Schtumm 5:11
–Yo La Tengo Sugarcube (Live) 7:10
–Pavement Grounded (Crooked Rain Version) 3:40
–Guided By Voices Choking Tara (Creamy Version) 2:16
–Mary Timony Aging Astronauts II 3:17
–Bardo Pond Long Ride 6:26
–Mogwai Hugh Dallas 8:32
–Cat Power Sea Of Love 2:18
Everything Is Nice, 10th Anniversary Anthology, 3CDS

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