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Pigface - Notes from Thee Underground, 1994

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Pigface - Notes from Thee Underground, 1994
Asphole 5:32
Divebomber 4:07
Your Own You Own 4:00
Fuck It Up 4:04
Hagseed 3:29
Chikasaw 5:35
Empathy 4:01
Magazine 2:01
Think 3:38
Trivial Sscene 2:58
Slut / Blood / Pain - The Attempted Restraint Of The Cosmos 2:37
Psalm Springs Eternal 1:06
Steamroller 2:26
Your Music Is Garbage 3:03

Genesis P-Orridge, Martin Atkins, Andrew Weiss, Flea, Dirk Flanigan, Jello Biafra, Paul Ferguson, M. Gira,
Pigface - Notes from Thee Underground, 1994


An "industrial supergroup" of people playing music, line ups (for studio and touring) don't really stay the same: with the exception of Martin Atkins on drums. Atkins é renomado batera que já tocou com PIL e Killing Joke

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