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The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines, 2ccds

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The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines [Digipak

Son Of A Gun EP
Son Of A Gun 3:46
Rory Rides Me Raw 2:26
You Think You're A Man 5:40
Dying For It EP
Dying For It 2:22
Molly's Lips 1:45
Teenage Superstars 3:27
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam 3:30
Dum Dum
Sex Sux (Amen) 3:10
Slushy 1:56
Monsterpussy 1:42
Bitch 2:37
No Hope 3:17
Oliver Twisted 2:49
The Day I Was A Horse 1:28
Dum-Dum 1:57
Hairy 1:47
Lovecraft 5:37
Dying For It (The Blues) 3:04
Let's Get Ugly 2:20
Son Of A Gun 2:30
Rosary Job 3:01
Red Poppy 2:12
Live In Bristol
Son Of A Gun 3:58
Rosary Job 3:23
Red Poppy 2:11
Rory Rides Me Raw 3:07
You Think You're A Man 1:48
Live In London
Dying For It 2:12
Monsterpussy 1:58
Let's Get Ugly 3:03
Molly's Lips 2:14
The Day I Was A Horse 2:37
The Day I Was A Horse (Again) 2:50
Sex Sux (Amen) 4:14
I Didn't Know I Loved You ('Til I Saw You Rock 'N' Roll) 3:25
Teenage Superstars 4:22
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines, 2ccds

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Importado, frete free. Notes Disc One: Remastered at Abbey Road Studios December 2008 1-1 to 1-3 Recorded at Berkeley St. Studios, Glasgow. March 1987. 1-4 to 1-7 Recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh. October 1987. 1-8 to 1-19 Recorded at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh. December 1988/January 1989. Re-mixed at Chamber Studios November 2008. Disc Two: 2-1 to 2-3 Recorded on 4 track Portastudio, 1986. 2-4 to 2-8 Recorded live at the E.E.C. Punk Rock Mountain Club, Bristol, December 1986. 2-9 to 2-17 Recorded live at the Fulham Greyhound. London, June 16th, 1988. Licensed from K. Packaged in a six-panel Digipak housed inside a cardboard slipcase. Includes a 20 page booklet with liner notes, photos, credits, and a 2008 interview with Eugene and Frances.

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